Woman Emerging in Business Feature: meet Lisa Millar, controller extraordinaire

Lisa Millar learned early in her career that change is a door to opportunity. As an expert in finances, she is currently in the position of Controller within the well-established CDS Group of Companies, including CDS Movers, and owns the bragging rights to three consecutive audits with zero adjusting entries and the collection of over 2 million dollars in written-off debt. Sitting with Lisa in her office, two hot cups of mint tea between us, and talking about coaching, careers and the importance of strategy, it soon becomes apparent that this warm-hearted woman is also a bank of knowledge.

“When I was younger, I used to feel that I really had to be portrayed as smart and know what I was doing, and always be in somewhat control of myself. And now I don’t.”

Lisa Millar

Listening to Lisa reflect on her past experiences, (i.e. exactly how she pulled in over 2 million dollars of written off debt and improved her relationship with that client), her creative triumphs as a soon-to-be  published writer, and both personal and professional setbacks:

“I was in high tech for so long, and you know what happens in high tech? Companies either go out of business or they get sold, so I’ve had so many jobs, like fourteen jobs,”

I realize there is much to learn from this woman who sits across from me and says, with a light smile on her face, “My whole life is just – it’s really good.”

Today, I’d like to introduce to you Lisa Miller. She’s an up and coming businesswoman who masterfully juggles roles as a Cirque du Soleil acrobat would knives, oranges and ribbons on the stage, or at least, that’s how she appears. But during this next week we’ll dig below first impressions. Lisa is a woman of continual change and improvement as she builds her successes through both coaching and mentoring. Along with her coaching journey, these next two weeks you will also learn her secret to balancing books perfectly, how to collect written off debt, why coaching has freed her from failure, how storytelling can bring a team together, plus much, much more.

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Watch out for tomorrow’s post where Lisa will explain how she managed to have three consecutive audits with zero-adjustments entries. And if you’re NOT an accountant – no problem, because we all need to learn how to deal with our money and her trick is so simple, they should be teaching it in elementary schools. Plus, of course, it’s universally applicable, so now you really can’t miss it.

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