Three Tissue Alert! Empathy in Action.

Have you ever heard that expression, no news is good news? Well, I received some very good advice from my coach, Robin Sharma. He said, “Turn off the news.” With that parade of negative, negative, negative pouring in from the screen, it can create an environment of despair. Of course the stories of life matter, and I care about my home and world too. But in all honestly, I don’t always need to have the statistics of crime reports, housing crises and car chases pouring into my home.

So I turned off the news.

And instead, I found a place called Faithit, where I can pop on when I need some inspiration and tap into the potential realized that people carry, and life can share.

It’s that realization of potential that really ties into our Self-awareness theme. I’m talking about compassion, which is essentially empathy put into action. And I have a video for you this week that is the perfect example of compassion. Warning: This is a “three tissue altert” video! A tear jerker in the most wonderful way.

How do we define compassion at Sister Leadership?

Compassion and empathy are expressions of our human capacity to care for each other. They embody the action-oriented qualities of spiritual intelligence. Compassion moves us forward by liberating us from the thoughts and feelings that may glue us to the unresolved issues deep inside us.

Empathy is the ability to articulate our awareness of another’s perspective and to align our behaviour with that person’s feelings. We may be capable of empathy because of our own past experience or because of an innate ability to put ourselves in another’s shoes.

Empathy in action is compassion.


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