The Key to Olympic Resilience – from the Canada Synchro Senior National Team at the Olympics!

With all this talk of resilience coinciding with the Olympics 2012 in London, we thought we’d take a break from being lost in the forest and get in touch with some amazing women who truly know what it takes to achieve their dreams despite the challenges.

Who are these women, and why are they incredible inspirations?

Drum roll please!

Synchro Canada’s Senior National Team featuring members Karine Thomas, Tracy Little and Jo-Annie Fortin! How awesome is it that we were able to converse with these ladies only days before the Olympics begin, and now bring you these two posts with their wise words? Very, very awesome. After countless hours of training, these young women are off for the challenge of their lives in the competition  of competitions.

But in the glow of this huge event, where so much talent competes and stakes are high for everyone involved (as is the huge honour of being an Olympic athlete) – how do these ladies manage to keep it together under pressure? With the world looking on, after years of training accumulating to this point . . . how do you keep your cool, how do you have fun, how do you bare to continue the training?

You’re about to find out. Through the miracle of Twitter, we were able to question Karine, Jo-Annie and Tracy on their thoughts about resilience, having fun, staying competitive and achieving their dreams. Their answers to our questions have only been edited for grammar (snce everyone knws wth Twttr,  that it’s all abt compression) and the rest is straight from the ladies themselves.

So – how does an Top Class Olympic Athlete stay resilient? Check out part one of the interview with Tracy Little and Karine Thomas. Stay tuned for next week when we share Jo-Annie’s thoughtful answers to our questions on resilience.

Sister Leadership: How do you incorporate fun into your training?

Karine Thomas: Rule one: Play hard, work harder. We always joke around (a bit too much at times) but we definitely make up for it with all our hard work.

Sister Leadership: What is the greatest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Karine Thomas:  My brain. I have to continuously block out the voice that tells me “I can’t” and replace it with “keep trying!” #EternalBattle

Tracy Little: Every day is a new hurdle. I wake up with new challenges mentally & physically. I often finish my day proud of my effort.

Sister Leadership: What is the ‘competitive drive’ and how does it push you forward?

Tracy Little: For me it means never settling. Perfection is near impossible, but being eager to improve and reach my max potential.

Sister Leadership: What’s your key to resilience when things get tough?

Tracy Little: It takes bad days to have good days. I try not to panic. I mentally go over what I know, and try and find the positive.

Karine Thomas: My teammates! I wouldn’t be the women and the athlete I am today without them. I rely on them as much as they do on me.

A Huge THANKS to the ladies for answering our questions. They are competing soon at the Olympics (Duets have already begun, team is coming up shortly), so don’t forget to cheer them on! Go Team Canada!



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