Self-Awareness Smart Round-Up!

INTRAPERSONALWe are preparing to bridge over to the upcoming Body Smart intelligence theme. As a recap of the Self-awareness Smart series, we want to honour the inspiring women and big ideas that we shared highlighted by the Spiritual Intelligence leadership competencies.


We were honoured to have the deeply personal story by Norma Goldsmith of Key to Content and her journey with bipolar disorder and diversity.


Breaking down the idea of wholeness with actionable points, Tina Cantrill asked the question: “…can a person be ‘whole’ in this demanding modern world?”


Another impressive Tina – Tina Crouse shared he vision of storytelling the leadership and trailblazing happening amongst women in social finance in this post on vocation.

Being in the moment

We shared a fantastic article from Michele Milan on being in the moment, and how that applies to business.

Problem solving

Jennifer Van NoortJennifer Van Noort was a delight to feature as she shared her approach to problem solving in the non-profit sector, and really gave meaning to her work and the impact of Healthy Women, Healthy Community. It was so good, we split it into two posts: her own story, and her charitys story.

Book launch

We celebrated the launch of my book, Tenacious Living: Choose your Adventure – in which I have contributed a chapter of being lost in the woods, and how that changed me deeply.


St Germain featured in a two-part series around chakras, starting withmy connection, and ending in a unique meditation for the third eye which helps us to open more doors to self-awareness. That creates more presence to be in the moment. When we are in the moment, we can then increase our capacity to live in a field of limitness consciousness.


We revisited a moment on Christmas Eve as my church community came together singing Silent Night, and I felt a deep sense of oneness.

Bring in the new year

As the New Year rolled in, we paused on the blog for a New Year’s breath.

Sanctify every day

We also gave you an “I am” affirmation exercise to help you shape your goals and sense of gratitude.


And we found inspiration in the words and virtuosity of Maya Angelou.

Women’s Busness Network and Women’s Executive Network

wbn panelIn the world of women’s networks, Sister Leadership was a sponsor for the WBN event, Let Go As Your Baby Grows. The evening was a hit, and you can read about that here. As well, Jennifer Flannagan of Actua gave a brilliant presentation at a WXN event on the importance of the pivot in business and life.

Countering adversity

The shooting that took place in Ottawa was truly shocking, and in countering adversity, this personal post examined how we go forward after being so invaded.

Being in the flow

In the past several months, I’ve shared with the Sister Leadership community my own journey with family care as my mother has dealt with a lung cancer diagnosis. From family politics and being knocked out of flow to

Being in the moment

unexpected miracle moments, and how


clips of empathy and love helped me when I watched them, and I shared them with you too in this three-tissue alert video.

It all started with this bridge from Logical Smart to Self-awareness Smart, and I have to say, this has been a fantastic series. Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and inspiration. We couldn’t have done this without your vulnerability in sharing stories.

Till next week!



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