Our Sister Leadership Retreat

Having decided to live the message, this past week I invited the team behind Sister Leadership to my cottage by the lake for a little R&R and conversation about what comes next for the blog. It was a full few days, so in today’s post, we’ve all agreed to share a light take-away from the moments we spent there together. Highlights for everyone include the ride up together, breakfast in pyjamas, sitting on the balcony overlooking the lake, kayaking on calm waters.

So, here are our take-aways, and a glimpse into how we see Sister Leadership today, and where it will grow in the future.

Retreat Cam


Camille Boivin –Founder and Champion of Sister Leadership

It’s important for me to integrate our message into this blog with our actual way of exchanging. For me this retreat has been about getting clear on who we are as a team. It’s so easy to jump into the tactics when we have our meetings. This was the ultimate reminder that checking in, pausing, honouring great work already done really matters.

My favourite tool from this week was our lead-in exercise with EQ 2.0 – we had a group analysis done, and some fascinating insights came from that conversation! (We’re totally emotionally aware, and we are building our stress management plus flexibility capabilities.)

Blowing bubbles between sessions was fun too.

I’m feeling really good about where Sister Leadership is going. This weekend we got clear on how we work as a team, which means we can move forward with the blog’s purpose!

Retreat Photo Norma and Cam


Norma Goldsmith – Editor, Researcher and Blog Consultant for Sister Leadership

My big goal during the retreat was to really understand the business model of Sister Leadership. I figured that understanding that through and though would help us live it in everything we do here and in our networks. Cam has such deep purpose in this blog, it’s my job to reframe that purpose with a business-like perspective. The ideas were there, but I think this pause has made them stronger.

Another surprising take away was how fun it was to be in the kitchen together. Cam cooked beautiful meals, Catherine scrubbed the plates and I dried & put them away. We made quite the team.

Retreat Photo Catherine and Cam


Catherine Brunelle – Writer and Social Media for Sister Leadership

I guess there were two big things I wanted from this weekend, and luckily I feel we really accomplished both: Creating a clear message about Sister Leadership’s world, and getting to know Cam and Norma is a space that wasn’t a meeting. One morning I woke up to find fried bacon on the table, and Cam and Norma chatting together with their cups of coffee and tea. To me, that’s a part of this team I won’t be forgetting.

In a world of co-creation, we really see our readers as part of the Sister Leadership team. So if you want to share your insights and hopes for this space, please say hello in the comments. And I hope you enjoyed meeting the team!

Till next week,


P.S. More pictures of the weekend to come over at the Facebook page!

  1. MC Lessard 7 years ago

    By the sounds of it, it looks like we, the readers, will be on the winning end of this fun and fruitful retreat! Great work ladies and do keep these insightful blogs coming!

  2. Raj Gill 7 years ago

    Enjoyed reading the article on Self awareness hope to learn and share more Cheers Raj

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