Meditation for your Third Eye


Welcome back to Sister Leadership! Today is a ‘part two’ on my post last week around St. Germain and the purple flame. Here today I have for you a special mediation recorded to help you bring that purple light inside of yourself as you tap into your openness to the universe and focus on your third eye.

In my opinion, the third eye opens our centre of inner awareness (our present SQ theme ). We first need to connect with the self before we can fully connect with the Spirit . Self-awareness of who we are brings enlighten of how powerful we are.

So, let yourself relax and find a comfortable position – whether it is sitting up or laying down, that is up to you. And then let the mediation flow. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and if you would like to a particular mediation in the future for your own moments of ‘aha’ let me know. We’ll see what can be done.

Now, enjoy. ~Cam


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