Be the ChangeSister Leadership is an off-shoot of Camille’s passion for supporting others in their growth. Having transitioned from the world of sales with the Ottawa Citizen, Camille has accumulated over ten years of coaching and supporting others from entrepreneurs, aspiring business people to top-level executives both inside the government and out. Her work holistically encompasses the professional, emotional and the higher-self while pulling techniques from a variety of coaching methods including EQ 2.0,  DISC and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Cam offers coaching to those who are looking for support within their work and personal lives, as well as those in need of training for a larger group. She currently leads the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Peer Network in Ottawa, and is open to individual one-on-one sessions for aspiring men and women alike.

If you’d like to have a session with Camille, you can email her at, or fill out the contact form below for us to get in touch with you.

Also, you are welcome to review our Offerings for a list of coaching options.

For the WXNWisdom Mentoring in Ottawa, follow this link to sign up through the WXN.


  1.     One on one Coaching,
  2.     Self Development programs such as Personal Energy Management,
  3.     Wisdom Circle Peer Mentoring for Women Emerging in Business,
  4.     “Coach Approach” Leadership programs,
  5.     Personality Assessment tools ( DISC)
  6.     Proven Neuro Linguistic Programming trainings.
  7.     WXNWisdom Top 100 Mentoring and informal mentoring

1. One on One Coaching Meeting

A suggested minimum of two (2) coaching meetings by phone per month meets the needs to create effective ROI. Face to face meetings are available when possible.

In a recent report, Encouraging Women into Senior Management Positions, commissioned by the Institute of Coaching, finds that effective coaching can help women in a number of areas such as confidence, coping with a new directive role, identifying values and goals, balancing work and life, and identifying what is personally important to them.

2. Personal Energy Management Tools

SL is launching November 2012 a unique Personal Energy Management Workbook that will created a simple process to assess our choices that either rob us or fuel our personal energy vitality. This individual workbook can also be experienced as group learning with one-on-one coaching or group peer mentoring program. This self development tool is based on best practices of Neuro Linguistic Programming created by a circle of experienced Executive Coaches from Royal Roads University.

Clients may presently choose to possess an energy management workbook, Amy Rupert`s Personal Groundwork will be made available to you.

3. SLWisdom Circle Peer Mentoring for Women Emerging in Business

SLWisdom Circle Peer Mentoring for Women Emerging in Business programs are exclusive to a maximum number of six (6) participants. This exclusivity ensures that everyone has been heard and focuses on supporting at a deeper level of connection.

This program is offered through three group types in Ottawa of Women Emerging in Business: Mid-Level Executives, Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs. Each group consists of a maximum of 6 women and a trained facilitator. Recent experience with successful peer mentoring groups has led us to move forward with a more focused approach of meeting participant’s needs. Smaller group of 6 expand the program to allow more time for each participant. The purpose of the groups is for the participants to act as a Personal Advisory Board for each other and to facilitate peer-coaching to advance individual business and personal goals and objectives. The meetings are completely confidential and take place twelve times over a twelve month period (for a total of 36 hours).

4. “Coach Approach” leadership CARA™

CARA™ is a 4 step process to create engaging, powerful and meaningful conversations

Connection: This stage involves creating safety, trust and mutual respect in order to gain rapport and a meaningful connection with your client/employee/associate/partner. It is important to take the time to connect with others before beginning the awareness stage. If you have not established respect and trust you will only help resolve issues at a superficial level. Transformational change requires a deep connection.

Awareness: This stage involves helping your client to expand her awareness of the possible outcomes of key issues or objectives. It is important to take the time to ensure that your client/employee/associate/partner is working on the one most important issue at hand or you are limiting the value of your coaching meeting. Building greater trust and taking the time to more fully explore with deeper awareness of the issue. Transformational change at the deepest level will produce superior results from the coaching meeting.

Resources/ Resourcefulness: This stage involves assisting your client/employee/associate/partner in exploring new and compelling possibilities to increase his/ her resourcefulness. Championing and acknowledging gifts enhance her ability to create sustainable possibilities for moving forward. Identifying available resources in an empowered state helps us to see more easily the opportunities in a different light. Barriers that previously may have limited our possibilities are reframed to make them more manageable as we grow more confident.

Action: This stage involves turning the results of the awareness and resource stages into MASTERY goals and outcomes (Measurable, Achievable, Specific, Time bound, Ecological, Realistic, and Yearning). Creating clear and measurable outcomes assists your client in developing specific goals to work. You also invite the client to declare the learning (takeaways) from the coaching meeting so that the coaching process is validated and the learnings are reinforced.

5. DISC Behavioural Assessment tools, de-briefs and ROI evaluation

A unique “live” lab delivers ongoing research to support Women Emerging in Business. A personality assessment will define specific strengths of leaders and create a relevant self awareness tool to benchmark member’s progress .Personal excellence of the SL programs that develop evaluation processes will be published as white papers. Its overall efficacy will be monitored and specific business/personal goals will outline the ROI of the investment.

Three key benchmarks of ROI will be explored in the process of integrating coaching and Peer group mentoring.

  •     Business Results
  •     Interpersonal Behaviors
  •     Team Interactions

6. Proposed exclusive incentives offered to SL participants including NeuroLinguistic Programming at NLP Partners in Ottawa

7. Be mentored by Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Top 100

The existing WXN formal mentoring program could expand to include SL clients that may wish to engage in Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award-Winning Mentors. The one-on-one advice combined with over 20 hours of classroom instruction from top Canadian business schools and professionals may create great value to SL clients. This one-year program is available in Ottawa with Top 100 Award-Winning Mentors from across Canada participating.

Informal mentoring program

SL coaches can support your needs by co-creating a strategy to gain clarity about your values and identifying a process to illicit mentoring assistance. Clients seeking informal mentoring gain empowerment and SL will support you by creating your own modelling excellence experience.

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