Choose Your Adventure Book Launch!

Choose Your Adventure is a book that will change your life! Twenty-nine authors, including myself, have become vulnerable in order to show you how to overcome your challenges.

Book_Choose_Your_AdventureInstead of a bunch of stories focusing on what is wrong in life, these accounts spotlight HOW the authors made choices in order to better their lives and turn their obstacles into stepping stones. This anthology will be an inspiration and will motivate you to look at the challenges in your life in a new way.

One of the best parts about this book is that it is written by folks like me who have faced challenges and overcome them in order to make their lives more successful. Each author talks about the journey they took to conquer their own overwhelm and emotional chaos. I am one of the authors that chose to share my story and I can’t wait for you to read it! Here are some early reviews of the books:

“Strong…Powerful…Life-Changing! Read this book and allow the stories, tips, and tactics within it to permeate your soul. Use the experiences of all of the authors give you hope for the future and a path to get there. You’ll be glad you did!” ~ Chris M. Sprague, The International Transformation & Empowerment Ambassador and Best Selling Author.

“The spiritual adventurers and healers who have contributed to this book allow the reader to explore the many pathways to the palace of possibilities by ‘carefronting’ their fears, traumas and health issues. Their stories will provide guidance and nurturance for your own journey to congruence.” ~ Steve King Registered Clinical Counsellor, Author & CBC colour commentator for the sport of triathlon


It’s taken a big of deep digging and story writing (nothing new there – we do that weekly on Sister Leadership!) and this is the result: an exciting book project with twenty-eight other authors and it is being released TODAY!! I am about to become an International Best Selling Author!

I would love for you to be a part of our virtual book launch and LIVE Twitter Party starting at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern on Saturday FEB. 7th!! You will be one of the first people the book is available to. Head to NOW to get one of the very first editions and for more information on our Party! I am looking forward to sharing this part of my life with you.


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