A great article on effective leadership from Michele Milan

Today I have a fantastic article to pass along to you. It ties our Self-Awareness perfectly into “Being in the Moment” and using it within your leadership style.  Michele Milan is a CEO of the Rothman Executive Program, an d a leader in providing tools to executive level leaders. Reading this post, I was simply thrilled when she stopped to incorporate a moment of self-awareness into her top five tips for effective leadership.

So what do I mean by leadership that encompasses being in the moment? To ‘be in the moment’ is to live in and be responsive to each moment. When you are aware of the moment, you help ground others into the “right now” and the task you as a team are facing.

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Michele touched upon mindful meditation as a leadership technique. (It’s thrilling to see these ideas being talked about by executive and those supporting them, by the way. Talk about co-creating in a world of women, business and spirit!) Mindful meditation taps directly into being in the moment, and she highlights those benefits in her article.

“A leader must be able to manage her own emotional reactions, and to understand the effect she has on others, both personally and in terms of the organization’s power structure. There are many techniques for developing greater self-awareness and the ability to self-regulate. My personal favourites are journaling and mindfulness meditation.”

And now it’s your turn: What does being in the moment mean to you? How do you bring mindfulness into your leadership style?

If you want to read more of Michele’s top five tips for effective leadership, you are very welcome to hop over to the post itself. Here is the link.

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