Tony Robbins helps me re-wire my body in joy.

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How Tony Robbins Helped Me Create Transformational Change 


 I know that I’m not the only one on this planet to lives mostly in my head. Many of us hold our emotions tightly woven deep in our bodies. Often we express emotions  sparingly.    

                                                                                                                      COME ON, FESS UP AS IT’S TIME  TO  HEAR OUR TRUTH AS  OVER-THINKERS. DEEP DOWN, WE ARE ” CLOSET” FUN WORSHIPERS      

                                                                                                                                                                                    Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes! An estimated 30 % of the population according to DISC personality profile) live mostly in our heads.

 I’m borrowing Tony’s monomaniacal saying “Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes to set the tone of this confession. I can still hear Tony’s choice of language firmly imprinted in my being several days after the Tony Robbins Montreal experience last week.

  “Ok, Tony, please don’t repeat these words (Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes”) one more time I kept saying to myself.

As self-awareness is a way for me to get a sense of what’s going on in my body, I was noticing a crescendo of resentment building up in me as I heard Tony’s unrelentingSay Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes!” Bubbling up in me into the 3rd hour of the event,   I continued to work hard to jumping up and down like everyone. I was doing the moves but not hole heartily feeling the energy fully in my body. Frenzy usually accompanies Tony Robbins events as I had been at one of his events in the past. I could feel some resistance inside my body making me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t quite understand what my body was really saying to me as I was committed to bob up and down like others however a “reserved” response to the fury of energy in the room. I was wishing that I could be like the guy in the alley up close to the stage cutting loose with all the moves. I was envious of others that were clearly 100% in the flow of the high vibration of Robbin’s energy.                                                                                                 After the 3rd hour had rung in, I made a decision to hang in for more. I wanted to feel the joy and freedom others in the room seemed to be displaying. I wanted this freedom so badly and committed to feel the joy others seemed to be feeling next to me.                       

Then the moment of transformation happened. I can’t remember exactly when however I now knew that I had been for 3 hours resisting the change of state.  For the past 18 months, I have been working hard on my wellness plan as I was diagnosed with two different cancers. I had also lost my mom to lung cancer in February 2015. For the past 18 months, I have felt a roller coaster of fearful emotions, grief and sadness. I have also had some moments of happiness as this cancer journey has expressed the best in everyone’s wishes, love, caring and steadfast support.

                                                                                    Tears of joy finally rolled off my cheeks and after all this bobbing around, movement I found my joyful groove.  I was now fully engaged in  feeling my body in joy and  I know that movement loosened me up to connect deep inside me.

Since last week, EVERYTHING FEELS different.  Yesterday, I recalled 25 joyous moments as a child. I was reliving in my heart a new story about my childhood being joyful. If you had asked me (before the Tony Robbins event in Montreal) if my childhood had joyous moments, I may have answered that I had 2 moments of joy as a child. It was like my unconscious mind could not access the 25 plus joyous moments I REALLY DID EXPERIENCE!  I now have a new story to tell about my childhood as until now, I remembered only the trauma of an alcoholic father and my response to bury myself in books to keep the pain away.

Today, I feel so much joy and energy.  I feel the child wonderment in me and I can’t keep the smile off my face. How on earth did I shake this feeling of fear, sadness and grief out of my body?

It’s simple- putting emotions in motion as Tony would say or creating a state.  By creating a resourceful state, our unconscious mind creates new pathways to create what you want in life. In my case, the emotions of an 8 year old in joy was what I was looking for. 

Thank you Tony for helping me dramatically shifting my state and co-creating a new embodiment of wellness. The event was supposed to be couple of hours of Tony but as always, he over-delivered with value, and it quickly became four hours.

By reading this post, I want you share the spark of inspiration that changed my life. This change can happen to you if you stay open. Hang in there even if you feel the resistance as you are on the cusp of change

In my upcoming blogs, I’ll share what I know about the science and art of creating a state of being and specifically how I create wellness after cancer.  My shared journey will also include the amazing work of Bruce Lipton as for 30 years, Bruce has been on the cutting edge of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the science of how the environment of our thoughts create our reality. Now when we combined the power of creating a resourceful state and embracing epigenetics, miracles can happen.

Until then, keep the joy alive in you or whatever you are mastering at this time









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