2014 Round Up of Inspiring Interviews & Moments

Happy holidays! 2014 has been a year of wonderful moments for Sister Leadership. As we enter the season of love and gratitude, we want to look back and thank all those who have shared their time and stories in our blog. It is an honour to showcase such amazing women. Don’t miss this round up.  Sister_Leadership_2014Wonderful interviews with such inspiring women:

Bringing excellent class health services to our city of Ottawa, Jennifer Van Noort has shared the heart and values of fundraising for the Ottawa Hospital.

Diana Merpaw, Canada’s Sex Coach, took us to a heightened state of consciousnessin this post about living in the moment.

Inspiration WomenSharing with us her process of connecting to creativity Dale Griffiths Stamos reached out to us this year, and we were so impressed with her thoughts on connecting to spirit.

We spoke with the vivacious Sangita Patel about helping other people to shineas a host of ET Canada.

And don’t miss the up and coming Chamika Ailapperuma. This lady gets it done! I’m so impressed with her dedication and enthusiasm.

Defying convention, Nicola Martin spoke candidly with us about spirituality in the workplace and how it has impacted her own career.

If you want to learn more about chakras and their impact on your health and wellbeing, reiki master Julie Desmaris opened up to us about her practice and working with clients in this unique field.

Top 100 award winner (Women’s Executive Network), Janice McDonald shared with us about how she leads with humility.

A fellow coach, Lisa Weiss spoke with us around vocation,and how it plays into her career.

Wonderful ladies who have come before:

Donna Stewart and Ruth Stewart VergerMixed into our storytelling, we care to honour those who have come before. In this post we introduce Anne Caroline Macdonald and congratulate Fields Metal winner, Maryam Mirzakhani. Also, we had history come to life when storytellers, Ruth and Donna, spoke with us about Lamira Dow Billings and captivated an audience of Women’s Business Network ladies with their stories of her life.

Wonderful discoveries of 2014:

SuccessMaya Angelou – how could I have missed learning more about this lady? She is featured in a post this year with beautiful snippets of wisdom transformed into shareable images. Plus, the inspiration from MC, my own personal coach, has led to many insights over the year, including bringing gratitude for ‘now’ into every moment.

This year also marked our first retreat for Sister Leadership. It was a mix of great company, conversation and fun as our team worked on upcoming goals. This was needed time away since there have been some large hurdles for me to leap this past year, with my mother’s diagnosis of lung cancer and the strain of giving care. With each decision and treatment plan, we adapt and do our best.

And then there was the miracle moment in the hospital room I cannot leave out of this roundup.

Highlights from women networking in Ottawa:

We have had many excellent conversations and connections this past year as Sister Leadership visited different networking groups. Here are some of our highlights.

Business WomenOver at the WXN breakfasts, we asked the question: What is a good leader? We heard from Shannon Gorman, Lyne Parent-Garvey, and Paul Melia on their experiences as CEOs and growing as leaders. At another WXN breakfast, Clare Beckton and Janice McDonald chatted about overcoming fear, asking the question: If you weren’t afraid of failure, what would you do? And, as Jennifer Flanagan asks: How can we make failure a good thing?

Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) welcomed Sangita Patel to share her story of jumping from engineering to ET Canada, which we captured in our post and, goodness, it’sinspiring!

The Women’s Business Network held their annual gala to honour the WBN Businesswoman of the Year Awards winners. It was a thrill to be at the event, and we’veprofiledthewinners.

Recently I’ve taken over as co-chair of the WBN Events Committee, and helped organize a networking event at a branch of BMO. One of the biggest takeaways: What you do is more than just your passion,you must think of it as a business.

Thank you to everyone once again for giving forward by allowing us to share your stories. This year’s collection of takeaways is powerful, and we hope new readers will discover the gems within our online magazine. It was a journey capturing many insights as we explored the logical, spiritual and intrapersonal intelligences. There’s more to come in 2015!

If you want to share your story with us in 2015, drop me a line at Camille@sisterleadership.com. Till next time,



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