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Yes to Courage, Intuition and the busyness of life . As a busy people, we buzz around like a bee  often stuck with negatives thoughts in our heads Do you wish we could be more present to the moment and slow down to smell the roses? When you do  finally slow down, what stories of the Heart, Mind, and Spirit are you telling yourself ? Stressful and fearful thoughts of not being enough or other feelings that are not feeding joy, love, healing, pride or any other emotion you are craving for?

Whatever degree of busyness you live in, health and wellness is what matters most to us. If you don’t have your health, wellness and purpose, our day to day life gets a little tired and  often leads us down the path of disease, fear, chaos and unfulfilled lives . Sister Leadership is a community of like minded women sharing their  stories of empowerment and moments of  life’s bumpy road, curves and ups and downs.

What happen’s when you hit a sinkhole on the road to happiness and  illness  shows up on your path? Take a big breath and join our Sisterhood

Sister Leadership is built upon the principals of courage, intuition, and supporting women in the cancer journey to wellness. Scroll down to read our Sister Leadership community filled with interviews with leading  business women, stories of empowerment and life insights of other women in their field of expertise. Join our online membership to access a like minded sisterhood of women leading with empowerment in the journey of cancer.  New members to our forum receive a free copy of founder Camille Boivin’s book, Big Sister Courage.

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Sister Leadership is a platform of support for women’s emerging in wellness of the mind,heart and spirit. As we value prosperity, business also plays a role in our empowerment. Take a look at  how stories and the essence of spirituality can work its way into our lives and purpose.

With that in mind, we love to play with creative themes!

Read along with our current posts, but don’t forget to browse past topics.

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