The Key to Olympic Resilience – from the Canada Synchro Senior National Team at the Olympics! Part Two.

If you were watching the Olympics this past week, I hope you caught our Canadian women in the midst of their team synchronized swimming routines. They had some stiff competition but despite all that, were amazing in their creativity, fun, and formations. As the ladies explored their theme of circus – the entire crowd came onto their side, cheering and whooping along with the routine. Placing fourth place overall, Team Canada had something to be hugely proud of in the quality of their performance.

You have to wonder how they do it – how they last underwater for all that time, how they have the energy to explode throughout the entire routine, and how they manage to train-train-train and keep their eye on the goal. Last week we heard from Karine Thomas and Tracy Little about how they stay resilient during training. This week we’ll finish the twiterview with Jo-Annie Fortin’s take on keeping resilient.

Sister Leadership: How do find time to ‘pause/rest’ during training and competition?

Jo-Annie Fortin: Recovery is really important so we try to use our time wisely (massage, hot and cold baths, nap). I also find that reading or watching some funny TV shows help me clear my mind after a big busy day.

Sister Leadership: What is the greatest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Jo-Annie Fortin: I find the biggest challenge is to keep pushing and giving your 100% everyday. No matter if you’re having a bad day, feeling sick or injured, your teammates are counting on you. So you can only accomplish your biggest dreams by giving your everything EVERY single day! That’s what allowed us to go from good to great!

Sister Leadership: What’s your key to resilience when things get tough?

Jo-Annie Fortin: When things get tough, I really try to keep my big goal in mind (the Olympics) which brings me back to the reason why I do it. Also, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the past years coping with stress and dealing with different situations so I try to apply the same techniques when I’m facing a similar situation. Most of the time, my key is to keep calm, focus on your strengths and control what you can control. This way, you can be confident and overcome any tough situation.

Sister Leadership wants to send a HUGE thanks to Jo-Annie, Karine and Tracy for taking the time to answer our questions during a busy/important time in their life. Ladies, we greatly appreciate your insight into our questions on resilience, and want to congratulation you on your incredible performances. Your free routine was THE most entertaining and lively of the bunch! It has been our privilege to feature you on the Sister Leadership blog.


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