Meet Lamira Dow Billings

Imagine a grand white house set upon a large estate. And within that house, picture the intimate salon now filled with tables set for high tea and laid with treats like Victorian Sponge Cake, Raspberry Linzer Bars, and Victorian Kisses. Now, around those tables, put today’s business women of the Women’s Business Network (WNB) listening with rapt attention. Add to this moment a special guest in the spirit of Lamira Dow Billings (1817 – 1910) who did so much for Ottawa both with her husband, Braddish, and after his passing, captured through the storytelling of Donna Stewart and Ruth Stewart-Verger.

What you get is a wonderful event that happened just last week, presented by the WBN and Mc’d by Sister Leadership (i.e. me!).

Donna Stewart and Ruth Stewart Verger

To quote Dawn Nicholson-O’Brien, Sister Leadership’s recent featured woman of business, “Canada has a long tradition of intrepid pioneers who departed from the path of their times to discover a better path to the future. Our lives are the richer for their gifts of the imagination and a dogged determination to help shape the future. It is a journey worth taking – and making – with others.”

I’m truly inspired by Lamira Dow Billings. She embodied such a timeless, courageous leadership as a trailblazer; she is most certainly still relatable and relevant today. Lamira ‘s legacy shines as a beacon of the true backbone of endurance, common sense and the ability to re-invent ourselves at any stage of our life (even at the age of 71, as she did). She was a leader, a mother, a healer, a teacher, and much more.

Lamira, to my mind, is a clear representation of wholeness, which we define as:

Featured Theme“A spiritual sense of belonging, or “going home“ experienced in our human form. Transcending the physical and material world, wholeness is achieved by caring for yourself before others, allowing others to be who they are and you to be your authentic self. Respect your mind, body and soul by letting go of critical self-sabotage and the expectations of others. As to larger patterns or systems, wholeness helps you attain a perspective on a situation, problem or opportunity. Seeing the bigger picture of the impact of systems, relationships and connections is anchored in wholeness by exploring inner-peace, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, self-love, joy, inner-wisdom and abundance.”

And this week on the blog, we’ve got our first video to share! Here is a little capture from the storytelling that took place last week. Enjoy meeting Lamira through the talent of Donna and Ruth!


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