Inspired by Maya Angelou: Virtuosity

Recently, I enjoyed a video of Maya Angelou singing a snippet of “God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds” and discussing the meaning of that sentiment. It felt like an answer to my need for support around the difficulties of my mom’s health challenge and the impacts of fear and stress on family dynamics.


So when I came upon the calm and strong voice of Maya Angelou, I felt soothed. Soothed and curious to learn about her. And in this post, I would like to celebrate her gift of living in purpose, and the resulting wisdom she so graciously shared.


With this in mind, I’d like to feature her for the Spiritual Intelligence competency of virtuosity in our Self-awareness Smart series. As the author of seven best-selling autobiographical books, she demonstrated her awareness of self. And, as you may know, she was a person of virtuosity. To be virtuosic, according to our perspective, is to master a great ability or skill in the arts, sciences, or other discipline.

I Do better

Dr. Maya Angelou had a complex sense of self having had a very difficult upbringing and rising from poverty, violence and racism. As a celebrated author, actress, civil rights activist, playwright, poet, dance club owner, singer, prostitute, and even pimp, she lived and chronicled an extraordinary life.


Her strong faith in God was an indomitable force in her life and she was famed for her spirit and her courage and laughter as she stood up for what was right. She died on 28 May 2014 aged 86.

I hope that by reading these quotes, and enjoying these video clips, you will find your own rainbow.

Do not miss this video of an interview between George Stroumboulopoulos and Maya Angelou. And if you’d like to hear God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds in full, check out Alyson Williams’s version of this lovely song.

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