Heightened State of Consciousness with the fabulous Diane Merpaw, Canada’s Sex Coach

Meet the fabulous Diane Merpaw, Canada’s Sex Coach, inspirational speaker, and “beacon of love.” Upon meeting Diane, I just knew she was a perfect feature for Sister Leadership. She describes her work as connecting “mind, body, emotions and spirit to sex and to women who desire to feel more sexually confident.” This wonderful mixture of passion, purpose and business made me think of the Spiritual Intelligence attribute of unconditional love within a heightened state of consciousness.

In today’s interview, I’ll ask Diane about feeling asleep to reality, her rituals for connection, a moment where she felt fully awake and we’ll get to know a little more of her story.

dianeSister Leadership defines a heightened state of consciousness as a developed state of unconditional love associated with transcendence, spiritual enlightenment, and union with the divine or Source (however you define it). Most people are considered to be asleep to reality even as they go about their daily business. “Waking sleep,” is an idea gleaned in part from ancient spirituality.

A heightened state of consciousness is the ability to connect to that higher state, e.g. pure consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unity, oneness, and other states of trance at one’s own discretion. This leads to self-actualization. It’s a willingness to persistently try to improve oneself and engage in the pursuit of personally relevant and meaningful objectives that lead to a rich and enjoyable life of unconditional love.

Let’s dive in and see how Canda’s sex coach feels about having that heightened state of consciousness.

Diane, can you please describe a moment in which you felt fully awake to your heightened state of consciousness?

This is an ongoing journey for me. It is one rooted in unconditional love and is available to us when we choose to open our heart chakra fully to let love flow freely in and out of our being.

One special moment that I experienced recently, was when I was spending quality time with my beloved (my husband) and he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes and he shared that he loved me deeply. It was a soul to soul connection. My heart blew wide open and I could feel the truth of these beautiful powerful words deep within my being. I let it seeped fully into my being and was in this place of deep gratitude for this divine moment. This moment was different than the other moments where he tells me he loves me. It was deep, it was intense, it was purposeful, yet it was so peaceful and so perfect for the moment. I felt it deeply in my heart centre. It was magical in many ways. I was fully present to receive this gift from God (spirit, universe, however you choose to name your connection).

What rituals help you be in connection?

Meditation, walks in nature, dancing freely (not choreography) journaling, creating art, carving time out just for me, tapping into my sensuality as well as my sexuality are all ways which I choose to help me connect with the divine and its mystery.

How do you know you are connected?

When love is present I feel a deep sense of awe, peacefulness and/or joy. For example, I am connected looking at the vastness of the natural beauty of nature that surrounds us everywhere. There are moments where I am overwhelmed by tears of love, of joy and know deep within that we are all connected. It’s an inner knowing that explodes from within…purely delicious.

What is your belief about your heightened state of consciousness and your journey to be self-actualized?

What an interesting question and I want to take a moment to share with your readers that everyone has this innate ability within them to nourish and to connect with their heightened state of consciousness.

Consciousness is not something that we have to reach for. I believe it’s within all of us and it’s up to us to nourish this within ourselves. It’s a simple willingness to explore. I am not special because I can tap into this place within myself with greater awareness.

It’s a matter of simply of taking the time to remove the blocks that fear hasd put into place blocking me from fully experiencing love and all of its magic. It’s reconnecting with this natural essence within all of us that knows that we are One, that we are all connected.

I have had many experiences that have truly shown me that we are so much more than this physical body. Our bodies are merely a vessel we have been blessed with in this life to live this experience. It is not who we are. We are so much more. Higher consciousness is a place where love guides the way in all that you choose to do. If fear is present, then ego is present and running the programming. Let love lead the way!

My journey to self actualization is a moment by moment experience. I believe we are here to self actualize and that it’s a journey, not a race or a goal to achieve. It’s about being our best authentic self. It’s living my life from my heart centre and letting love flow freely into and out of my being. It’s consciously choosing to blow the gates off the heart and let love flow freely into all aspects of my life.

This is not always easy for I have been hurt and betrayed by others and at times, this can lead me to guard my heart. I have learned and continue to learn to let go of the constrictions for they only hold me back from inviting and experiencing more love in my life. Love is the guiding light on my path. When I choose to stay connected all flows very smoothly.

What were the barriers to access? I will keep this simple. It is my belief that I am the only one keeping myself from having this full fledged experience called love and higher consciousness. My thoughts, are the key. Am I spinning thoughts of love or fear? Whichever I choose to nurture –give attention to– is what will show up for me.

Has there ever been a moment when you were “asleep to reality” and what helped you to remember to reconnect to your higher self, Source or Christ consciousness, God–consciousness, or any other form of enlightenment?

Absolutely! There are many moments where I have been asleep to reality. Please remember, we have all been hypnotized by various cultural spells that have seeped into our subconscious minds. Some we are not even aware of until we awaken and start exploring the root of the belief or story we bought into. It is my personal belief that these cultural spells keep us from connecting with our authentic essence that which is love. For example, we are constantly bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of messages daily from the media that tells us what beauty is suppose to be. What has this created? It’s created a world where most women dislike or hate their bodies because many have internalized that they are beautiful if they meet the media standards of beauty.

What has helped me to reconnect? When I am aware that I have disconnected (when I am in this space where fear and/or pain has creeped into my life in some shape or form), I pray. I pray to the divine to ask he/she to help me shift my perspective to a healthier and loving perspective. At times, I will put on one of my favourite songs that uplifts my spirit, and simply get lost in the music. This helps me reconnect with the love and the joy that is within me. Other times, I will put my hand on my heart centre and take some deep breaths and intentionally reconnect.

To whom do you relate as a favourite fictional character in literature or in the movies and how is it important to you?

What a fun question! I love Vivianne from Chocolat. She is a single mother who makes her way from village to village when the north wind blows. She settles into this conservative little town in France and dares to tempt them with chocolate during Lent, a big no no.

I love that she is very comfortable with who she is as a woman. She dresses femininely in dresses and skirts. She is very sensuous and entices people to tap into their sensuality…in this case she does it through the art of chocolate. She is not conventional and has no desire to be. She loves life and does her best to live life on her own terms. She is highly intuitive. She has an innate ability with other people; it’s as if she can sense something that they are not even aware of that they are missing. She loves to connect and make other people happy through the gift of chocolate. She is a gypsy at heart yet on the journey within this film she finds the courage to put down roots where she had not dared to do so before.

What is your contribution to life on a broader scale and how does that manifest?

To be an ambassador of love in all of its splendour and colours. Just so you know, there is no right way or wrong way to be an ambassador. By choosing to be of service, I allow the Divine to work through me in its own way. I must simply remember to get out of the way and to let the energy of love flow freely.

Love manifests in so many wonderful and mysterious ways, a smile from a stranger, a hug, a kind word, an unexpected gift that arrives in the mail, flowers, deep connections with others, more laughter, more joy, a deep inner peace, etc.

It truly is magical and will transform your life if you choose to let it be your guide. It all starts with self love….love yourself fully and completely for the magnificent and powerful being that you are!


Sister Leadership would like to thank Diane for her candid and engaging responses to our questions. If you want to learn more about Diane’s intimacy coaching, do not miss her website full of stories and statements to leave you thinking.

Here’s our question for you: How do you tap into the moment and wake from that sense of sleep? What are your rituals to really dive into life?

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Till next week,



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