Connection of Oneness

There is something very magical about candle lights and song mixed together. For me, that was a moment of pure Christmas over these past holidays. Of course, there was the hustle and bustle of welcoming family and enjoying meals and good company. But I have to say, that moment during Christmas Eve mass as we had our candles burning, and the entire church began signing Silent Night . . .that was it. That was my connection.

It was, you might say, a soulful connection.

To what? Well, that is a big question with many different answers. But in some ways, it was a connection between myself and the space around me. It was a oneness.

In past posts, I’ve written about a Heightened State of Consciousness as one of the 16 traits of Spiritual Intelligence, and while it’s a term that describes our interconnected humanity, it is also a phrase that confuses. So I think from here on out, we’ll stick with the idea of oneness.

What is Oneness?

For Sister Leadership, it is a state that awakens the power of inclusiveness, tolerance and a sense of belonging in our hearts. When we are open to it, we become interconnected in the most powerful energy of unconditional love, transcendence, spiritual enlightenment, and union with the divine or Source (however you define it).

Most people are considered to be asleep to reality even as they go about their daily business. “Waking sleep,” is an idea gleaned in part from ancient spirituality. To live with a heightened state of oneness is to be able to connect to a higher state of consciousness, e.g. pure consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unity or other states of trance at will. It is to persistently try to improve yourself, to pursue personally relevant and meaningful goals that lead to a rich and enjoyable life of unconditional love, to achieve self-actualization.

And speaking of the festive holidays and oneness, another moment of ‘ah ha’ and connection came when I was cleaning out my room of all the souvenirs I’ve collected from cherished moments of traveling with my son Jean-Paul and my life partner John. One that I found, much to my delight, was a ticket stub from the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace in England.

That exhibit inspired me so much that we have a series of posts here on Sister Leadership inspired by the master. Hundreds of years ahead of his time, Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinarily detailed anatomical drawings show he was more than a match for today’s medical technology.

But that isn’t all. There was a da Vinci manuscript in the exhibit, and while looking at its cover, I was struck with a moment of oneness, of a bigger connection as I felt waves of energy emanating from the manuscript into my whole being.

It was then that I understood that historical items, such as sacred relics, books, art, music, resonate with a timeless soulful energy. An openness to be “one” with this object of inspiration, and with the man Leonardo da Vinci himself, opened my eyes to how this manuscript offered more than words and images.


The exquisite art of Da Vinci’s manuscript can be “felt” as waves in our souls. Just breathe them in. In my case, I was so wired with this energy, I barely slept that night. I was filled with ideas and inspiration. My mind was racing with images of futuristic medical technology.

Is this state of oneness or “mind blend“ with past masters a way to make us dream of new ideas and feel a sense of wonder? Is this the process to tap into limitless creativity? Yes, I do believe it now.

The beautiful thing is that these moments are all around us waiting to happen. Maybe you find it through a holiday. Or perhaps it’s in your New Year’s Breath. Or maybe, that oneness strikes you as you look upon something amazing. Just be open to it, enjoy it, and get your fill as it happens. If we stay open to the connection, amazing things can happen.

Those are my stories of oneness. But what about yourself? Did you have a New Year’s “ah ha?” A Christmas or holiday connection? Feel free to share your own stories with us.

Till next week,



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