Cinderella & Success with the WXN Top 100 bet when I say “Cinderella” you think of a fresh young  woman in a flowing gown, headed to the ball to claim her prince. I think of the Disney version, where she’s deck out in blue and has that perfectly flawless skin that only cartoon princesses can manage.  But here’s what you can’t forget: These fairytale stories represent us. We are Cinderella.

Sound crazy?

Well, have you ever had dreams? Have you ever had a vision? Have you ever had a ‘fairy godmother’, mentor or sponsor? Have you ever faced down personal dragons or vanquished external evil step-mothers (i.e. challenges).

Of course you have. You’ve been living life, and in small or large ways the Cinderella Experience is part of us all, much like the stories of Rapunzel and Joan of Arc.

Now here’s the BIG NEWS!

This Thursday, December 5th 2012, Sister Leadership is headed to the ultimate ball where countless women have lived their own storybook tales of success; a gala filled with modern-day fairy godmothers, modern-day champions, and modern-day heroines. It’s the 2012 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Gala.

“Come celebrate WXN’s 10th Annual Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards where we will introduce our 2012 Awards Winners, and pay tribute to our remarkable Top 100 Winners from the past decade. This promises to be one of the most powerful evenings of the decade.” ~WXN Website

Now how’s that for an invitation you cannot resist?  From cocktail mingling, the gala doors opening, award presentations, key note speakers (including Bonnie Brookes, President & CEO of the Hudson Bay Company, Anne-Marie Mediwake, News Anchor for CBC News Toronto, and Jeanne Beker, Host of Bell Media’s FashionTelevisionChannel), and being in a room filled with women who are blow-your-mind accomplished, this is going to be an event of inspiration. And I’ll be there sussing out stories for you – interviewing some of Canada’s most powerful women, and bringing back their experience of having dreams, fighting dragons, conquering towers and rising to the top.

So stayed turned for some fascinating interviews and life lessons – from the WXN Top 100 winners now and across the past decade.  We’ll be learning about mentoring, sponsorship, risk taking, and overcoming barriers. With experiences like these women can offer, you don’t want to miss our upcoming posts.

And yes, I’m full-up excited for this event!  See you there if you’re attending (let’s connect via #WXNTOP100 and #WXN on Twitter – I’m @Sisterleadshp). Keep an eye out for the lady who wants to know: if you were a storybook character, who would you be?

(For everyone reading this post, that question goes to you as well. If you were a storybook character, who would you choose to be? And why? Comments welcome!)

Till next week,


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, bringing her knowledge of resilience, perseverance, and changing perception to others. Camille is currently accepting applications for the Women’s Executive Network  Senior Executives Wisdom Peer Mentoring program. Applications to this exciting and knowledge-sharing program are available here.

Read more from Camille as she aspires to  help women explode their success. For more posts and experiences, join Camille at her Sister Leadership page, connect on Twitter, and follow on Facebook.


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