Celebration & The Progress Principle – Happy New Year’s 2013!

The champagne is waiting, you bought the expensive cheese and pâté, there’s excitement in the air and the clock is counting down to midnight…

Happy 2013 – Happy New Years –Happy Celebrations! Now, I’ve got a New Year’s Challenge for you, and it’s a great one!

But first I need to ask, What does celebration mean to you? Are you celebrating life as it was, or life as it could be?

I was talking about ‘celebrating small wins’ with some fellow coaches the other day, and we were agreeing upon the importance and power of celebration, particularly celebration with intention. What does that mean? Well, New Years Eve is a fascinating time (kinda magical, in its way) that balances between what has been, and what will be . . . it’s a time to combine looking back, celebrating life, and looking forward. That doesn’t happen every day. But maybe it should . . .

I’d like to issue you a New Years Challenge:

When the clock strikes midnight, as everyone is cheering, kissing, drinking, and singing (or humming),  Steal A Moment For Yourself: close your eyes, look back and realize what you’ve accomplished, then toast to your successes. Toast to celebration, to small wins, to big years and after you give yourself that moment, ask yourself: “What’s the feeling I want to cultivate now? What do I want to feel in the new year.”

If this was 2013 and we were about to ring in 2014, where would you see yourself? What would you be celebrating in that moment? What does it feel like, look like, taste like, smell like?

Take the time to make sure you are deeply set into your passion; what feels the best, what has worked, what gets you excited. That is celebrating with intention, and it’s so powerful.

How can we incorporate more of these “take time, celebrate, and set intention” moments throughout the year, even when they aren’t designated holidays?

  • Could you schedule it into your calendar?
  • Could you promise yourselves a monthly review of success, much like you’d review your budget (only invite friends over to celebrate with you. Have a monthly cake and share what you’ve all accomplished).
  • How about a daily journal of successes. No need to become Dickens and write a book, just a few reflective lines could help showcase your progress.
  • Can  you celebrate your small wins? No need to have a party – just have a quiet moment and realize how your accomplishment is so great, and feeds so well into the life you are creating.
  • Or perhaps you could seek out people who are living the success you desire . . . ask them how they move forward, perhaps you could find a fairy godmother (i.e. mentor)?
  • Talk to your coach about the importance of small wins, and start going over those moments of progression in your meetings.

And as you do this, I have a great book you might want to read. It’s by Teresa Amabile and Steven  Kramer, called The Progress Principle – using small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work. It’s a fascinating review of studies and experiences for using small wins, seeing progress in the workplace, and how it’s such an important motivator.

There’s a lot of management wisdom in her concepts, and applied to everyday living, there’s huge potential to make 2013 an incredible year.

Have a very safe, fun, and intention-setting start of 2013. Happy New Year from Sister Leadership!


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, bringing her knowledge of resilience, perseverance, and changing perception to others. Camille is currently accepting applications for the Women’s Executive Network  Senior Executives Wisdom Peer Mentoring program. Applications to this exciting and knowledge-sharing program are available here.

Read more from Camille as she aspires to  help women explode their success. For more posts and experiences, join Camille at her Sister Leadership page, connect on Twitter, and follow on Facebook.

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  1. MC Lessard 7 years ago

    Good stuff Cam! I agree with you, it is greatly beneficial to acknowledge progress and highlight accomplishments even if it’s only playing golf for the first time or getting a juicy testimonial for great services rendered. Thanks for launching 2013 with this important reminder!

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