A Thank You For Our Interviewees!

The past several months on Sister Leadership have focused on Emotional Intelligence  (EI) and its specific aspects that contribute toward how we see and interact with the world. Following that theme, we’ve engages with many successful women and men to learn how they have used those aspects of EI in their career journey. This week, we’re like to create a bridge between topics and thank all of those who have taken the time to contribute to this space around women’s leadership, intuition, understanding behaviour and learning from one another.

With that being said, we’re giving a HUGE Sister Nod to the amazing men and women who so graciously been part of our EI conversation.

Thank YOu

Ashley Grandy of Safe Way Home, Sasha Yasinski of Aqua Academy, Debbie Hollingworth of I Do With You, Kathy Brunelle who works with the Women’s Business Network, Stephen Whiteley of Happiness Works! Get Yours Here, Loreto Cheyne of Lola Desins, Barry White for his Soul Seductions, Dr. Sandra Folk of The Language Lab, Daniel Weinand of Shopify, Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett, Terri Wingham of a Fresh Chapter Foundation, Rosemary McCarney of Plan Canada,  Dorothy Garlough of Innovation Advancement, Marxe Urteaga who works in Organizational Development, and of course the fascinating ideas and speakers of the Women’s Executive Network.

These men and women are really incredible people, and their experiences/knowledge goes far beyond their place of work or CV qualifications. It’s been an honour to share their stories, and add their voices into the Sister Leadership dialogue.

Don’t forget to check out the resources that accompany each interview to help move you forward in your Emotional Intelligence with the support of NLP.

And today we’re going to be building a bridge to the next upcoming discussion here on Sister Leadership. We’ve been loving the theme of Emotional Intelligence, and will be moving forward along that line to showcase different aspects of intelligence (it goes beyond IQ and EQ) – but to get us started, we’re going to pull at the thread that runs through all aspects of a self, interpretation of the world, and insights into the different sorts of success in life.

Next week, we’ll be stepping away from the concepts and theories of intelligence, and show cases the less tangible of senses – your spiritual intelligence. So get ready for a very interesting discussion, and if you want to contribute to the Sister Leadership story, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your idea on how spiritual intelligence has worked in  your life. Maybe you’ve tapped into your creativity, followed your intuition, or felt guided by a higher power? We’re open to your big ideas, so don’t  be shy.

Till next week!


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ360, a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has been coaching high-level women and men for over six years, and is now opening her expertise to those emerging in business. Camille pulls her blog topics from her unique coaching approach that combines her training as a EQi 2.0 and EQ360 certified facilitator with the dig-deeper tools of NLP.

Get in touch here if you’d like to talk with Cam about group or one-on-one coaching, and EQ assessments. With the miracle of Skype and telephones – distance is no issue!


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